Friday, December 2, 2011

Stocking Stuffers

It is December and I noticed on my drive to the office that XM radio has now switched one of the Classical Stations I like to Holiday Pops. For me,some calming Baroque favorites from Corelli or Teleman while fighting traffic in the morning is preferable to my usual diet of Stones,Allman Brothers or Elvis Costello.

Too early for me to start listening to Christmas music...but it casused me to think about gifts,gifting,and ammo. Now the Magi were not packing Benelli .12 Ga. Semi Auto's when they arrived...but pictured above is a fine shotgun shell for them if they were. If there is a Waterfowler in your life...these shells make a great stocking stuffers. I have stated in prior posts that regular steel shot hits "like a schoolgirl"...which at some North Phila. High Scools is actually damn hard. However, when you are hoping to drop a Mallard or Black-Duck at first light from your favorite helps to have better shells for your shooting. I have found this Hevi Shot to have great pattern and power....much better than regular steel shot.

The boxes may stretch out the hosery hung by the chimney with care...but the recipient will be thrilled.


David said...

Didn't know this stuff existed, I'll go check it out for my upcoming January hunt. Thanks!

Main Line Sportsman said...

Nat'l Aristocrat-You will be really pleased with how these shells perform!

The Gang said...

Great stuff! I gone exclusively to Hevi Shot and Hevi Metal.