Friday, December 2, 2011

By the Way

I neglected to mention...or was trying to forget...that The Eagles are an embarasment to the great City of Philadelphia and it is clearly time for this man to explore other options. 31-14 loss to the damn Seahawks...who entered the game 4-7...sheesh...right after last week's blow-out by the Patriots. "Time's yours."


Anonymous said...

I do thank the arrogant Andy for giving me back my Sundays. About 4 years back I rediscovered my garden after giving up on football. My yard is the envy of my neighbors, I am healthier and happier as well. Now, I suspect that the coach's wardrobe is dictated by the league, but surely he can select something a bit more grown up looking? Weeb Eubank wasn't svelte, but he dressed like a man.

Pat said...

Have you seen the Redskins? Talk about embarrassed.