Saturday, October 11, 2014

Don't Shoot What You Don't Know.

This is a photo from a  fashion spread in  Playboy of November 2005(the one that features blistering pix of Kelly Monaco-a Philly native.)
We can all see what they thought they were trying to conjure up in terms of mood and setting for these clothes. However, it is painfully clear that not one person on that photo shoot had a clue in Hell. Can anyone tell me what is completely wrong in this photo...there are 2 major and really inexcusable gaffs presented...and a few minor.


Sully said...

I'd say;
Shotgun is not shoulder cradled,(that butt might be near his right elbow)

Obviously his left foot should be forward, while his right boot is solidly placed and ready to pivot

And, shouldn't the guy in the green t-shirt be a bit more focused on the shot and then the retrieve...


Anonymous said...

Finger on the trigger.

No eye/ear protection.

Anonymous said...

Rule: if you are going to bring a preening in-heat house pet along on a shooting expedition, it must be properly leashed and tied, kept out from underfoot.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Sully-Yes...if he is a right hand shot...his left foot would be forward. Also, why is he discharging a gun with his companion standing in front of him. ear protection and his cheek is not on the comb...poor mount.