Friday, August 30, 2013

Kill It and Grill It

 Monday marks the opening day of dove season. When I say I am going dove hunting some people look askance and  query: " Can you eat those?" Hell yes...a dove breast wrapped around some cheese and jalapeno with a cloak of bacon...over real wood charcoal...beyond delicious.
After the dove shoot last year I had the author of The Trad and his lovely golf foxtrot down for a barbecue that was a mixed grill including dove breast from birds I had shot on  a day or two before. That feast also included skirt steak, Italian sausage and chicken...but the wild dove was the star of the show.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Walkin' the Walk

 My best friend from Lehigh was in from the Left Coast last weekend. So, I scheduled a Sportsman's Weekend for myself and my buddy. We started Thursday evening with a trip to the Gym to throw around some free-weights and do some boxing on the heavy bag and speed bag.
 Friday found us at the Cricket Club for a gym warm-up and then a few sets of squash. After squash, we bowled a few games on the Club lanes. After sauna,showers and shaves, we loaded a cooler with ice cold beers and headed for Citizens Bank Park to see the Phillies take on the Arizona Diamondbacks. It was an entertaining game which ended with a bases loaded walk in the bottom of the 9th for a Phil's win.
 Saturday featured a trip to the Gun Club for 2 rounds of trap and 2 rounds of skeet. A quick lunch preceded our next excursion: Atlantic City for boxing at Bally's Casino.

 One highlights of Friday night was having a beer with Gary Mathews, former member of the 1980 Phillies World Series winners and current radio announcer. He hangs out after the games at the Jazz club I used to own so we took the opportunity to have a photo taken. My buddy was fascinated by Gary's World Series rings.
 After a great 7 bout card of boxing at Bally's, we hit the gaming tables.Some hard work at the Blackjack table, and my share of free rum & tonics, found me walking away a winner.
It was a phenomenal weekend. My buddy said to me as we waited for the car at the casino valet: " We did more in 3 days than lesser men do in 3 weeks."

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Lehigh, Fall of 1984. Big early semester party at Kappa Sig on the Hill. Some wench, who later married an NBC exec many years her senior, was slurring her way through a diatribe about how she held me in low regard. One of my buddies defended me with the first statement. She did not know I was right outside the door and heard every word of her unkind opinions. I popped in and stated the second statement...or words to that effect. I reached down grabbed her 9 oz cup of beer, drained it and walked out.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sportsmen Can Cook

Now and then I have shared game recipes and prattled on about delicious feasts of meat harvested with a shotgun. Sometimes I attack more simple fare.
The family and friends we see in the Adirondacks are incredibly gracious and generous hosts for several of the nights we are in the North Country. Traditionally I like to let the matriarch get a break and make dinner for the crew. I have done duck gumbo and wild boar ragu and jambalaya as a few examples. Rarely is the head count less than 12. This year I went with a simple menu but a crowd pleaser: Homemade meatballs and pasta with Caesar salad and garlic bread. Simple, but when done with care and attention from scratch...a treat.
For you clothing blog types I am sporting an Orvis pullover in Nantucket red, Levi's jeans and a Rolex GMT II. Behind me is a kick ass Viking range with 6 burners, 2 ovens and a flat-top. It is easy to roll out dinner for 15 when you have the right equipment.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sorry Charlie

 He was a mediocre manager who was handed a team full of serious talent. He won a World Series in 2008 and went back in 2009 to lose to the hated Yankees.
 As his talented team aged, so did his winning percentage plummet. Injuries played a role. So did some bad management from front office and some equally puzzling day to day moves from the dug-out.

Charlie had the southern twang and country demeanor that left one feeling like you just had a wad of Mailpouch by the woodstove at a North Carolina general store.He never sounded too bright during his press conferences. Whereas Yogi's malaprops and mixed metaphors were kind of charming, "Cholly" stated the obvious with a Country attempt at wit  and could not articulate much insight into the game of baseball for the fans or listeners. To me he always sounded like a befuddled old guy that they let manage the barns on the backstretch of a Country racetrack 'cause he had been kicked in the head by a horse and everyone liked him and felt sorry for him. Nevertheless, he has a World Series ring and was the skipper of my beloved Phil's and was at the helm when the Championship parade flowed by my Center City office that day in October. The city wishes him well...but we really wish the Phil's did not suck this Summer.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Cocktail Hour

Appleton's Estate VX Jamaican rum. Schweppe's  tonic.Commercial grade ice from distilled water. A large wedge of fresh lime. Quality crystal glass with evergreens etched on the side.  Vintage wicker furniture on a screened porch.A view of Lake Colby in the Adirondack mountains. Evening sun lighting the birch and hemlock.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Off Line

 Heading to the Adirondacks tonight. Lakes and mountains and time with family and friends. Fishing and hiking and watersports of all kinds.
 No posts until I return....if anyone is paying attention.
Floating on Lower Saranac Lake with rods and reels
 So until then I will be sitting here on vintage wicker enjoying a rum and tonic after a day of fishing or waterskiing or canoeing.
We will jump of the rocks. Have lunch on an island.
 Spend time with my crew.
Sit in the boathouse and read or play chess.
 Piloting the boat for skiing and tubing and hearing one of my favorite sounds: the laughter of my kids.
My desk is cleared. I am off....carry on.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


It was announced today that Revel Casino in Atlantic City is closing their poker room. This over-leveraged, over-done casino has been circling the drain for years and has been in and out of Bankruptcy. Currently they are floundering around trying to draw gamblers and beach-goers and failing miserably on all counts.A casino without poker is like a movie theater without popcorn...just sad.