Thursday, August 1, 2013


It was announced today that Revel Casino in Atlantic City is closing their poker room. This over-leveraged, over-done casino has been circling the drain for years and has been in and out of Bankruptcy. Currently they are floundering around trying to draw gamblers and beach-goers and failing miserably on all counts.A casino without poker is like a movie theater without popcorn...just sad.

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The Enthusiast said...

I spent some time looking at how the government taxes poker winnings. Talk about difficult. Knowing what taxes to pay seems almost as hard as bringing in a couple grand.

I spent some time in a casino in PA recently. I'm not a gambling kid so it came across as a generally sad place. I'll admit that the horse races were entertaining but it was just as fun to watch people, who knew as much about horses as I do, walk around proclaiming which horse would win the field.