Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sportsmen's Mecca

The mens clothing blogs prattle on about The Andover Shop and J.Press and Brooks Brothers and the like. For those of us seeking our kicks afield, there is one place that is truly amazing. This joint is the size of multiple airplane hangers and houses everything one needs or wants for hunting and fishing and shooting and camping and boating. This is one of those "if we don't have it...you don't need it" type of stores.
Yesterday I was in Court in Allentown,Pennsylvania. So when I was finished the legal business for the day...I pointed my vehicle west to Hamburg. A random Monday afternoon is the perfect time for a Cabela's trip because the weekend hordes are not clogging the aisle and the check-out lines.
I scooped up 12 ga. ammo for the September 2nd opening of dove season and some new warm weather camo for same. I had to resist walking into their gun room and fondling the beautiful double guns...an exercise that can lead to an expensive impulse purchase. I scored some new gear for my son for the dove hunt and got out of there while my finances were still intact.


M.Lane said...

I love Cabelas. They bought Herters which was a Wisconsin staple outfitter for years.

Super side trip after court!


Jeremy Osgood said...

Cabela's is great. Living in Springfield MO and the home of Bass Pro Shops I have a bit of a bias toward the latter.

BPS main store here in town is part outdoor store part museum part incredible outdoor art collection. When you throw in the NRA's National Sporting Arms Museum it basically gets out of hand.

Eastern Shore Outdoors said...

Great Post, Counselor! I plan on making my first stop to a Cabela's while driving out west in August..Early Christmas for me!

Main Line Sportsman said...

Jeremy, We have a BPS near Harrisburg...I have been in there numerous times and dropped my share of coin there as well.