Thursday, March 29, 2012

Uniform Change

The out-fits for Olympic Women's Beach Volleyball have always been a big plus for male spectators. Not that these women aren't spectacular is just that other aspects of the participants are, shall we say, more aesthetically spectacular.
Sure, the prurient interest attendant to watching these matches can be criticized. Sure, my wife whacked me on the arm when watching that great Gold Medal match in Beijing when I commented about the Gold Medal tusch of one of the U.S.A. women.
Now it seems the 2012 London games will allow a less sexy uniform to "encourage participation from countries with more modest cultural beliefs."
My position is that since 1996 when the sport became an Olympic event, the athletes were wearing bikinis. Why fix it if it ain't broke....does Iran or Quatar really want to put a team on the sand wearing ankle length garments?

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RulingPart said...

I saw this in the news!

Imagine flipping through the channels and seeing four women playing beach volleyball in sweats and head scarves...


On the other hand, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. I say that they require Mens' Golf to wear speedos. A little something for the ladies!