Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trump Chump

Never been a big fan of Donald. I always thought his book "The Art of the Deal" should have been titled: " Inherit a Ton of Dough." Deal schmeal...and that hair...do not get me started on that mess.
Now his sons are stirring controversy for Sportsmen. It seems these two trust fund wankers went on safari and killed a laundry list of African species...including an Elephant. The photo circulating on the web shows one of Donald's issue holding a tail he just cut from said pachyderm. He defends his actions saying the meat was donated to the villagers. Maybe so....
I just cannot understand wanting to shoot an Elephant...are they not endangered in many areas? Sounds like rapacious trophy hunters in my book. I cannot endorse or defend trophy hunting in this vein. We'll see what furhter info is tweeted or hits TMZ.


Old Polo said...

dick sausage material if ya ask me. I figure that trophy hunters are trying to make up for penis envy.

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

I just got back from Africa, where I did several game drives and walking safaris. I am an avid sportswoman and hunter but could never in a million years 'hunt' an elephant. It was amazing to me to see elephants just walking around the bush with several varieties of antelope, adolescent giraffes and others, no one bother each other. After seeing these beautiful creatures in their natural surroundings, my thoughts of doing a big game safari went out the window.