Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kite Flying

Not exactly a sporting pursuit...although apparently in Afghanistan they have fighting kite with ground glass glued to the strings to try and cut their competitors loose. But flying a kite is fun as Hell with your two cute daughters on the beach( my son was not even born yet.) This photo is circa 1996 on the beach in Bay Head,NJ. It was an early evening in late August. The wind had picked up and my wife and I grabbed the girls and a kite, walked to the beach and commenced flying. The girls squealed with delight as we launched the kite and soared it high above the surf. You can see the kite string and handle in my daughter's hands. These are the memories that sear into a parent's mental archives to be trotted out when things seem gloomy...an instant smile.


M.Lane said...

What a great photo! I agree, the mental images are even more important.


JMW said...

Oh, my gosh - I'm taking the kids to the park after school to fly kites! My brother gave them kites last weekend and ever since, my son has been asking when we can fly them. Today will be 70 degrees and breezy, so cue the music from "Mary Poppins." (Love photo of you with your girls - so sweet.)

George B. said...

I like the things you said about children.
They were the best experience of my life.
I have similar images in my memory.
My Son in Law graduated from Lehigh in 1986.

Pillar Of Autumn said...

You are a blessed man; those two little girls are adorable!~