Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Heavyweight

Tuesday afternoon I drove up to a side street above the Port Ricmond section of Philadelphia to visit the famous Front st. Gym. A description and stories about this gritty boxers facility is better left for a seperate post. You can visit Brohammas Blog where he provides some excellent pix and prose.
The purpose of my visit was to watch my new boxer train. Joey Cusumano was here in Philadelphia from his native Virginia Beach to get some medical tests required by different state boxing commissions. He has upcoming bouts and with the vagaries of the State by State local rules for which tests are required, I wanted him here to make sure it was completed properly. I am excited about this kid's talent and athleticism.
After the work-out I had dinner with Joey and his trainer as well as legendary boxing advisor Don Elbaum. Over steaks at the Palm we discussed upcoming bouts and opponents and general strategy for his move up the ranks. Joey is a charming and driven athlete and I am looking forward to working with him.


Brohammas said...

one of my favorite places in Philly. We need to do halunch.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Bro-Lunch sounds good. You have my e-mail so just send me some dates!

GP said...

Fantastic. Best to all of you in this effort.

JKG said...

You might enjoy this on Tom Molineaux. I know I've plugged this site a couple of times for you -- I swear I'm totally unaffiliated. They've just been posting up some good boxing writing lately.