Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nails News

As previously reported here, this World Series level ballplayer has had serious financial and criminal problems leading to convictions for fraud. He is doing time. Now we learn Lenny "Nails" Dyskstra has pleaded no contest to criminal charges for indecent exposure. It seems this scrappy ex-centerfielder for the Phils and the Mets felt is necessary to expose his gentials to some broad he met thru Craigslist. This goes beyond "say it ain't so."

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Read It,Know It,Live It.

My Lacrosse coaching days are over for now. But when one of the guys I used to coach with posted this on FB...I had to post it here. As a former volunteer coach, I wish this sign was emblazoned on the gate of every field upon which our kids play competitive sports. This sign offers excellent directives that are well stated.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Father's Day Weekend

This year once again found my son and I in Annapolis,Maryland for a Lacrosse tournament on Father's day weekend. My boy is playing attack for Philly Fever and there was a full slate of 5 games on the schedule. We hustled down Friday evening as I had promised the lad a fine steak dinner on the eve of the first day of the tournament. He is a fairly picky eater but he loves steak and potatos. So, I had reserved a table at Lewnes in Annapolis.

I am not a big fan of steak houses in general. This is primarily because I feel that if I am going to lay out $45.00 for an entree....I want something creative and a little exotic, more of a fine dining experience where someone has slaved over a veal bone demi glace or the like. I have a fine Butcher nearby and can buy dry-aged prime and grill it up as well if not better than any of the Mexican or Dominican kids some Ruth's Chris or Morton's has flinging meat over a gas broiler for less than fair wages. But I digress.

The kid wanted steak and he was about to embark on a 5 game weekend and he was with his old to the steak house we went. Also, I prefer a local joint over some chain like Capitol Grill or the Lewenes fit perfectly. In addition, it was a father's day kind of thing to do....a boy and his dad gorging on red meat and fried 'taters.

Lewnes did a fine job. I began with a tomato and onion salad over greens with blue cheese and vinagrette. The kid wolfed down the bread. I had a delicious Old Fashioned to begin and the kid guzzled iced tea.

We discussed the various cuts of meat on the menu and the mertis and structure of each. He went with the NY Strip. I had the 8 Oz. filet with Bernaise on the side. The lighting was soft, the colors in the room were masculine and comfortable and the food was delicious. Lewnes has a "French Fry" which is just somewhere between a potato chip and a fry...crisp yet crunchy and flat...outstanding. My young lacrosse player was certainly carb-loading at this meal.

After the fine dinner and pleasant discussion about topics ranging from the Naval Academy to why I elected not to got to West Point when recruited to play lacrosse there, to current movies, to the upcoming release of the Hobbit and a bit of Presidential election politics...we walked Annapolis for a bit then headed back to the Hotel. The Westin is Annapolis is centrally located and very well appointed. We retired to the room, watched a Christian Bales vehicle called :The Flower of War" and turned in. Incidentally, this movie is an interesting story about incidents based on fact that occurred in 1937 during the Japanesse "Rape of Nanking." My son and I both enjoyed it very much.

On Saturday we rose, breakfasted and then it was all lacrosse all day...and the next. A great few days with my son....a wonderful Father's Day.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Verdict

The reputation of a University besmirched. The legacy of Coach Paterno tarnished and sullied beyond comprehension. The lives of numerous abused young men devastated. A trial that was followed nationwide. Sexual predation, arrogance, and cover-ups to protect a football team.. This has been a horrific constellation of circumstances. Tonite a jury of Sandusky's peers has found him guilty of 45 of 48 counts of criminal sexual conduct.
Good luck in prison deviant and reprehensible pederast. You were a football coach and traded on that position to satisfy your abhorrent sexual appetites. A supposed "father figure" to disenfranchised young were and are in truth a repugnant sodomite. Now you will experience a different position in sport. You will be a "catcher." You will likely feel the horror and psychological injury of being sexually abused in prison. However, you may somehow be spared that trauma if you receive a "shiv" in the sternum from a fellow inmate.Pedophiles typically do not have an easy time of it in the Joint. You should have spared your family and your victims months ago and put a revolver in your mouth and delivered a bullet through your palate and into your twisted brain.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good Point

Working in Center City Philadelphia, I spend a fair amount of time walking the sidewalks to and from Court or the parking garage. Frequently, one is behind various urban youth who deem it cool to have pants riding below the ass...exposing the underpants. This phenomena has been discussed ad nauseum and we know the genesis of this sartorial abomination: Prison.

Monday, June 18, 2012

From The New Yorker

It never fails...every time I open the New Yorker....I find a comic that makes me smile or literally laugh out loud.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


You get the invite: "Come over for a cook-out." Some will say Barbecue. Some call it just grilling. Then you get there and suffer through poorly prepared and over- cooked burgers that some rookie Suburbanite has pressed down with the spatula to make things down...would not want those burgers moist and juicy or anything. Sub-par hot dogs rendered black from neglect on the back of the grill. Store bought 'tater salad swimming in too sweet mayo and a basket of chips greasing up a paper towel. Over cooked corn and and iceberg with bottled dressing. Not the scene from vacation with Eddie cooking "Helper" and the kid swirling Kool Aide with her arm....but not too far.

Now, I like a burger over charcoal and do a mean one. I select top quality white corn and cook for max of 5 minutes. I am not saying that traditional cook-out fare sucks, it is usually poor execution.

I am a fan of dogs and ribs and chicken. I have a large charcoal unit on the patio and I worship at the altar of meat and flame many evenings in Summer with Meyers's and tonic in or icy beer in hand and the Phillies on the radio. However, when we invite guests I often like to strive for something a bit on the higher end of the cook-out spectrum.

To wit, this Saturday I rose at 7:30 a.m. and was down on 9th street in South Philly to scour the Italian market for some serious flesh to dance above the coals. I entered Esposito's in search of Rib Veal chops. A minute of haggling at the counter brought me the old of the Esposito. He remembered me from my Restaurant days, "You look like yer in the mood to break balls this morning...come ina back."

He and his blood spattered white coat led me into the butcher's room and he brought out the Veal. We talked about the thickness and color of the rack and how bad the Phillies are playing. He then had his guy cut me 8 gorgeous chops from the rib I selected. He wrapped them and hit me for 6 Jacksons. He also threw in a pound of grass fed ground beef gratis because I knew my shit and he wants me to come back.

I crossed the block and hit a veggie vendor for some white and red boiling potatoes and some arugula and radicchio. Then to DiBruno's to select appetizers from the stunning olive bar...pickled cippolino onions, stuffed artichoke hearts and fresh white anchovies in lemon and oil; some excellent cheese, Sopresetta salami and Sarcone's bread. Mission complete.

That evening I dazzled our guests with arugula and radicchio salad, Veal rib chops grilled over hard-wood charcoal and a French potato salad with scallions, Dijon/Champagne vinagrette and shallots. Pistachio macaroons from the Italian bakery completed the dinner. Sadly the Phillies lost in 10 innings.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mike Jones vs Randall Bailey

Mike Jones is a Philadelphia fighter who we all thought was going to win the IBF welterweight belt on Saturday night. Suffice it to say,our predicitions were not accurate. Mike was upset by an opponent who no one thought had the stamina to hang into the later rounds. If you skip to the 10th/11th Rounds you will see the devestating straight right hand that stunned Jones and then the coup de grace uppercut that delivered the first KO of Jones career. It is a Everlast Boxing manual upper cut that crumpled Jones and sent him to the canvas. We hope this defeat will help Mike become a better fighter and he is young and destined for a Belt....but not this weekend.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Non-Adversarial Bird Interaction

Usually my posts having to do with birds involves shotguns and clouds of lead or steel pellets and death. This is not the case in the "off-season." During the Spring and Summer my wife and I enjoy providing refreshments to the myriad birds that live in the woods and fields near our house. I installed several birdhouses that my son and I built a few years back in the Cub Scouts and these dwellings see inhabitants and baby birds every year. We have feeders and baths and have daily visits from Cardinals, Yellow Finches, Junkos, Chickadees and the ubiquitous English Sparrow. There is some shooting involved...I punish thieving squirrels with a BB gun thru an upstairs window to keep those rapacious grey bastards from gobbling everything.

The most interesting of the winged dining guests is the Hummingbird. We stock these feeders with sugar syrup and these little wonders buzz in and out all afternoon. It really is a treat to watch them feed and then zip off like a lazer...their speed and maneuverability is amazing.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Longest Day

In a few short years all of the brave souls who lived through this day will be departed. There will be no more active memories providing details. We will have "Saving Private Ryan" and Cornelius Ryan's fine book to get a glimpse of the events and experience of that day. But we will not be able to speak to men like the one above, men who stood in landing craft when that ramp splashed into water and the Czech conscripts and Wehrmacht regulars ripped them to pieces with machine gun and mortar rounds,men who huddled behind the sea wall and bravely followed their officers and each other up the dunes under withering fire.
On this 68th anniversary of the landing I can barely conceptualize the dedication and courage of these men. I can only respect them.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tiger Woods Incredible Chip In Shot on the 16th Hole

I am not a big fan of Golf. I will watch the Masters, but I neither play nor follow the game. However, when you see something like this shot made by Tiger Woods you have to appreciate the expertise. Yeah, Tiger is not the brand name he used to be...what with bangin' the Denny's hostess, consorting with high-end hookers,divorce from the stunning Swedish hottie he somehow tired of, and gambling to excess with Charles and the boys...but his skill on the links is undeniable.
Normally I would not have seen this. On Sunday I was at the gym and the cable package which services the TVs on the cardio machines is limted at best. I could not even watch the Phillies. So I was watching the Rugby 7's being held here in Philadelphia. During a commercial I switched to the Golf Tournament just in time to see this astounding shot. All I could say was "Wow."

Monday, June 4, 2012

Philly Boxer Mike Jones-Gunning for a World Title.

I have mentioned Mike Jones in prior posts. He is a local boxer with great talent and dedication. I have seen most of his fights live. I have met him several times and spoken to him about his craft. He is a gracious man and forgoes much of the cocky gangsta braggadocio we see and hear from other boxers.
This weekend he is fighting for a World Title. Tune in and cheer for this likeable and talented Philly Welterweight.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Last weekend of the Country's largest and longest outdoor horse show. Weather threatens to ruin the night. We had a wonderful night in the box seats last weekend and hoped to finish with a flourish tonite. We'll see if the rain holds least the Meyers's Rum will hold out.