Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Father's Day Weekend

This year once again found my son and I in Annapolis,Maryland for a Lacrosse tournament on Father's day weekend. My boy is playing attack for Philly Fever and there was a full slate of 5 games on the schedule. We hustled down Friday evening as I had promised the lad a fine steak dinner on the eve of the first day of the tournament. He is a fairly picky eater but he loves steak and potatos. So, I had reserved a table at Lewnes in Annapolis.

I am not a big fan of steak houses in general. This is primarily because I feel that if I am going to lay out $45.00 for an entree....I want something creative and a little exotic, more of a fine dining experience where someone has slaved over a veal bone demi glace or the like. I have a fine Butcher nearby and can buy dry-aged prime and grill it up as well if not better than any of the Mexican or Dominican kids some Ruth's Chris or Morton's has flinging meat over a gas broiler for less than fair wages. But I digress.

The kid wanted steak and he was about to embark on a 5 game weekend and he was with his old man...so to the steak house we went. Also, I prefer a local joint over some chain like Capitol Grill or the Palm....so Lewenes fit perfectly. In addition, it was a father's day kind of thing to do....a boy and his dad gorging on red meat and fried 'taters.

Lewnes did a fine job. I began with a tomato and onion salad over greens with blue cheese and vinagrette. The kid wolfed down the bread. I had a delicious Old Fashioned to begin and the kid guzzled iced tea.

We discussed the various cuts of meat on the menu and the mertis and structure of each. He went with the NY Strip. I had the 8 Oz. filet with Bernaise on the side. The lighting was soft, the colors in the room were masculine and comfortable and the food was delicious. Lewnes has a "French Fry" which is just somewhere between a potato chip and a fry...crisp yet crunchy and flat...outstanding. My young lacrosse player was certainly carb-loading at this meal.

After the fine dinner and pleasant discussion about topics ranging from the Naval Academy to why I elected not to got to West Point when recruited to play lacrosse there, to current movies, to the upcoming release of the Hobbit and a bit of Presidential election politics...we walked Annapolis for a bit then headed back to the Hotel. The Westin is Annapolis is centrally located and very well appointed. We retired to the room, watched a Christian Bales vehicle called :The Flower of War" and turned in. Incidentally, this movie is an interesting story about incidents based on fact that occurred in 1937 during the Japanesse "Rape of Nanking." My son and I both enjoyed it very much.

On Saturday we rose, breakfasted and then it was all lacrosse all day...and the next. A great few days with my son....a wonderful Father's Day.


M.Lane said...

That sounds like my idea of a perfect Fathers' Day experience.

If this year is any guide I'll come up and spend next year with you. By myself.


In The Littoral said...

Living in Annapolis I can think of no better place to get a steak than Lewnes. You were smart to skip the high end chain a block down the street.

What a wonderful way to spend your Father's Day weekend.


A Southern Preppy said...

We arrived on Father's Day for the beginning of Navy's lax camp for girls. The hotels really opened up once the boys left. I think we found the last hotel room available...a few miles out of town.

My husband was flying to Carlisle for Army War College. I think he would've preferred your day.