Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Longest Day

In a few short years all of the brave souls who lived through this day will be departed. There will be no more active memories providing details. We will have "Saving Private Ryan" and Cornelius Ryan's fine book to get a glimpse of the events and experience of that day. But we will not be able to speak to men like the one above, men who stood in landing craft when that ramp splashed into water and the Czech conscripts and Wehrmacht regulars ripped them to pieces with machine gun and mortar rounds,men who huddled behind the sea wall and bravely followed their officers and each other up the dunes under withering fire.
On this 68th anniversary of the landing I can barely conceptualize the dedication and courage of these men. I can only respect them.


Beth Dunn said...

This may sound strange but it's one of the main reason's I love TV. TV can bring these living hero's stories to so many people.

Ronnel Sahagun said...

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Steve said...

Though "Saving Private Ryan" may be a poor second to these men, we need to watch it each year to remind us to talk to these until they are gone.