Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tiger Woods Incredible Chip In Shot on the 16th Hole

I am not a big fan of Golf. I will watch the Masters, but I neither play nor follow the game. However, when you see something like this shot made by Tiger Woods you have to appreciate the expertise. Yeah, Tiger is not the brand name he used to be...what with bangin' the Denny's hostess, consorting with high-end hookers,divorce from the stunning Swedish hottie he somehow tired of, and gambling to excess with Charles and the boys...but his skill on the links is undeniable.
Normally I would not have seen this. On Sunday I was at the gym and the cable package which services the TVs on the cardio machines is limted at best. I could not even watch the Phillies. So I was watching the Rugby 7's being held here in Philadelphia. During a commercial I switched to the Golf Tournament just in time to see this astounding shot. All I could say was "Wow."

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