Monday, November 29, 2010

Opening Day

Today is the opening day of the two week Buck season in Pennsylvania. The Keystone state is second only to Texas in number of licensed hunters. Deer hunting in Penna. is tantamount to a religious observance. In many Counties schools are closed because the kids would not show up anyway. Deer hunting is a tradition and set of rituals deeply etched into the lives and hearts of many Sportsmen.The trip is a pilgrimage every year.
The pilgrimage typically begins on Friday after Thanksgiving. This journey starts with the long trip to the Hunting Camp,the slogging drive up the camp road,the unloading of gear, the sighting in of rifles, the scouting for scrapes and rubs and tracks, the card games and whiskey by the fire, the jokes and stories, insults and practical jokes, the woodstove meals of game stew and cornbread, the beer and homemade wine...the sleepless Sunday night before Monday's legal shooting hour, a breakfast of pancakes and homemade scrapple with maple syrup crafted by one of the guys from trees he tapped himself on his land,the hike in the dark to your stand near a cluster of Oak trees in Pike County. The cold quiet of dawn...waiting for the soft rustle of cloven hooves disturbing the dry leaves...and a view through the scope of antlers and ears.
Because of my work schedule, I was unable to make opening day this year.I hope to get out later in the week...but it is not the same. Instead, I offer this hilarious Calvin & Hobbes comic wherein Waterson executes a wonderful juxtaposition on this deer hunting theme.


James said...

You're right about no day is like opening day, still any day in the woods, right? Good hunting and thanks for the comic chuckle.

M.Lane said...

I'm a Wisconsin boy so I fondly remember opening day of deer season. But I've been away a long time. So when I had a client up home that needed deposing and we scheduled a time from down in Florida, I called client and was told [with shock] "I'm not coming! Its opening week of deer season!".

I should have remembered.

Great post.

PS. I note that your wood cut is from a Michigan deer camp...

Main Line Sportsman said...

MLane-Correct Sir..the title background was a google image I liked...happens to be a Michagan scene...but could easily be Penna of yesteryear. I like to change the title picture now and again to match the season or theme...glad you noticed. Thanks for your comments as always.
Most Judges in Penna...except Phila....recognize the sanctity of opening day....but I was attached for court today and thaat is what precluded my presence at the Deer least for the early part of this week.

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Jamie McMillan said...

You are an asshole. When that comic comes true I can only hope that you take on the role of Frank.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Jamie, Thanks for that nice sentiment...not sure what about this post makes you conclude I am an asshole....but piss off anyway.