Friday, November 12, 2010

Sportsman's Evening Wear Accessories

The Christmas season is fast approaching. Hence, there are several events on the calendar which require Evening Wear. There may even be two occassions requiring White Tie,but that depends on whether my Wife and I elect to attend the Academy ball in late January. This event usually falls on the final day of Waterfowl Season so it is a bit of a struggle to get up at four A.M., hunt all day, hustle home and don White Tie and Tails for a Concert and Ball. I have done it in the recent past, but was dragging my ass toward the end of the night and after downing my share of bourbon.

Nevertheless, there are two upcoming parties which will find me climbing into my Brooks Brothers Shawl Collared Dinner Jacket.When so attired,a Gentleman Sportsman must select cufflinks and studs. So what better set to sport with your formal rig than those fashioned from shotgun shells and bullets. I know this post is sounding suspiciously like one of the many men's clothing Blogs at this juncture. Certainly one can get sufficient discourse on the sartorial topics from Max-man-imus, Commander Trad, and a host of others. I merely thought some of my bretheren who prefer Shotguns and bird dogs over 3/2 rolls, Belgians and the "hand" of a sport coat's fabric, would appreciate a post on a topic where these subjects arguably converge. So, feautured are pictures of my Shotgun Shell cufflinks and bullet studs. They are great conversation pieces and much more interesting than some of the metal knots and other boring junk holding together the shirts and cuffs of the other party guests. At the same time, they are somewhat understated and not "blingish."

I have also included a shot of myself and my lovely wife (and obvious better-half) taken before the Holly Ball at our Club. Notice my Bird-Dog demanded to be in the picture and with his coloring seems to be similarly attired in Black Tie. Ideed, when we first got Archie, we almost named him "D.J."...short for "Dinner jacket" because of the configuration of his. black and white markings.


The Hierophant said...

Shawl lapels and absolutely stellar hardware: the links are amazing.


Lucky Dog said...

Damn Fine Looking Couple! The links and studs ain't half bad either. And who can resist a dog in a dinner jacket who can earn his keep in the field and water?

Great post and great blog!

Best Regards,

Belle de Ville said...

I am a huge fan of cufflinks because they are a wonderful way to sartorially show one's individuality and sense of humor.
These cufflinks are great. Do they come in stud sets for the tuxedo shirt too?

Main Line Sportsman said...

Belle..they do come in studs..nine millimeter bullets for shirts

ADG said...

Y'all look great. The links look great. One of my best buddies, ardent hunter and ranked clays shooter gave me my Lee-Jackson cufflinks. Another example of sartorial uniqueness with a man-twist.

Hilton said...

The shawl collar looks sharp. Yes, Mrs. MLS is also quite flattering to your image, sir.

Muffy Aldrich said...

How fun to see this picture. Your wife is lovely! I agree, a handsome couple indeed. (And sweet dog.)

David said...

What a great picture, the whole family looks impeccably sharp!

Those cufflinks and studs are such a wildly good idea, I can't believe I've never seen them before. I think I'm gonna follow suit and have some made up, which should be easy enough since my uncle's a jeweler and a hunter.