Friday, November 26, 2010

Fellow Sportsman-Part 3?

Carl is originally from New Jersey but now resides near Granville,Ohio. It has become a tradition for Carl and I,that on Thanksgiving night, after the table is cleared and the cloth removed, we head to the Duck Hunting Club for whiskey by the fire, a few games of pool and a Friday hunt. He comes east to see his Father and Brother in Jersey and then we meet up, load the truck and dash.
We hit the corn fields for Goose this morning. Sadly, most of the birds flying were non-migratory Canadas and were not fooled by our decoy spread. They flew over with honks of mockery and disdain and pitched in a field across the road.
Carl professes to come from classic white-trash stock, but I maintain that this Sportsman is aces regardless of origin. He is always well armed and well informed( he is in the Newspaper business.) He loves to play poker,is fastidious about his gear,is a great Father and a great friend. He cannot hang with me in consumption of distilled beverages and I cannot hang with him on the pool table...despite some Mosconi-esque banks shots I executed last night. He also holds the distinction of being responsible for a verb in my family's lexicon: ie: "to carl" vomit....owing to an incident when we took our kids deep sea fishing and Carl felt it necessary to lean over the rail and jettison the contents of his stomach into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Cape May one fairly rough day several Augusts ago.


Terry Scoville said...

I'm sure I've seen those geese here too. Locals are tough. Sounds to me like you and Carl have great fun all the way around. Tough to beat that! The birds are a but a bonus.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Terry, We are hoping for some cold weather up North to drive the migratory birds down the Atlantic Flyway before this middle season finishes.