Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So, You Want To Marry a Prince?

I am still waiting for my invitation to shoot grouse with Charles, William and the boys at Balmoral. In the meantime, I cannot help but observe that the "Commoner" that William has cut from the herd looks quite smashing in her Field gear and holding a double gun. Clearly, if Kate wants to hang with the Royals, she has to be comfortable attending shoots in the Country and banging away at Grouse and Pheasant.
These photos show her doing just that and looking damn good while doing it. One could conclude that an affinity for Field shoots is a threshold qualification to marry a Windsor buck. The lovely Diana is also pictured with Charles in a sporting setting, but somehow she looks less at ease.
William could have selected any number of hot vixens from the line up of Peered and Titled hotties he met in the Clubs and on the Estates where the British Aristocracy cavort. Perhaps one of the criteria that Kate satisfied that others did not was her willingness and ability to pull on field boots, zip up her waxed canvas coat, and shoulder a shotgun?
So, the lesson here might be that you ladies looking to catch one of the titled Aristocracy or even a guy you consider a Prince, should cancel the mani-pedi and get to the Skeet field to practice. Instead of obsessing over Kate Spade and Lily, leaf through Orvis or Kevin's and pick up some flattering field gear. Instead of going to the Spa for a seaweed wrap, anoint your skin with the kisses and slobber of Gun dogs. Invest in a good Over and Under or Side by Side Shotgun and defer the purchase of a few pairs of Manolo's. It worked for Kate.


David said...

Awesome post. Not just for the writing and photos but for pointing out something rather important for most men, that is, finding a mate who is willing to follow you into the thicket and learn to enjoy your hobbies as well. Also, who could resist the chance to don a big old waxed jacket and some wellies to go stomp around the English countryside?

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Great I want to take up hunting! xx

Joann said...

Been there, done that. Ladies, I can attest, it works. I have hunted with my prince and now our son, have taken a few bucks, and over the years have enjoyed many a sloppy kiss from our various canine hunting companions. And it is fun!

Main Line Sportsman said...

EAS...I know JCW shoots...tell him to take time off from sailing and teach you to handle a double gun...I also know you already have the Barbour.

David-Thanks for the compliment

Joann-A proper endorsement!