Monday, November 15, 2010

College Football's Most Played Rivalry

Played more times than Harvard v. Yale and more than Army v. Navy....this weekend features the longest uninterupted and most played rivalry in all of College Football: Lehigh v. Lafayette.
Saturday I will be attending the 146th meeting of these two teams in what is always a great game. Even when the teams are mis-matched or seasons are sunk or on the line...winning "The Rivalry" always salvages a season.
This year, Lehigh has already won the Patriot League Chanmpionship. Beating Lafayette would be the proverbial icing on the Cake.
When the Game is at Lehigh, it is like a reunion...we have a huge tailgate with tons of Alumni,friends and spouses and kids. When the Game is away it is generally just the boys. We meet for some tailgating and boozing and then invade the Lafayette home field to cheer for our Engineers. Yeah...I know,the school changed the Mascot to Mountain not get me started....I just sort of ignore that detail.


Hilton said...

I will be attending a discussion of The Gun by the author this week. You may find his website of interest:

JMW said...

I'll have to check in with my college roommate on this...she spent her first year at Lafayette before transferring down South. I'm sure it's quite the event to attend. :)

Anonymous said...

Just like Dartmouth will always be the Indians.

Main Line Sportsman said...

JMW-If she went there...she went to the Game and can probably tell you stories!