Friday, November 19, 2010

Fellow Sportsman

I have met a lot of guys from North Jersey. Many were self important Wall Street wanna be's or Bridge and Tunnel wankers. Some were "Jersey-What Exit" kinda guys. Others were the "flagged from a bar in Wildwood during their week vacation at a condo that used to be a cheap motel" types or could have been the fathers of the low-brow mutts who star in "Jersey Shore."
The Sportsman featured above is from North Jersey but is none of those types. Dave is a fellow member of our Waterfowl hunting Club and a true Sportsman. He is a gentleman and a good guy to spend time with in a duck blind. He enjoys a good cigar,a fine meal, and the heft of a good shotgun.
Dave is also a serious fisherman. He is pictured above with a huge Striped Bass he caught off Sandy Hook last weekend. We are hoping he will bring some of that fine catch to the Club this weekend so it can end up on our table.
About the only fault I can find with Dave is that he roots for the NY Giants.
I will see Dave Sunday night as the boys convene at The Club for the eve of the Goose Season opening day and the re-opening of Ducks. Cocktails at 6, dinner at 7 and Eagles v. Giants at 8:20.
In the meantime, I am prepping for tomorrow's trip to Easton,PA to Tailgate and watch Lehigh kick the snot out of lafayette...and hopefully secure a home field Play-off game in the F.C.S.

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