Thursday, December 2, 2010

Service Dogs

Sportsmen love their dogs. I have posted on this topic before. We love the Labs and the Setters, the Pointers and the Spaniels, we love them all. We have a special bond with the dogs that join us in our hunting pursuits.
This Sporting bond is probably exceeded by the bond between a K-9 officer and his partner. These dogs provide a variety of services and duties with their Law Enforcement masters. Today we mourn the loss of one of these fine dogs.
Just south of that toilet of a City across the Delaware from where I sit typing this (Camden,NJ), a Robbery suspect hurled one of these fine K-9 dogs into traffic...killing the dog instantly. It seems this K-9 Service dog, "Schultz", had clamped his ample jaws down on the "perps" forearm in the process of breaking up a robbery. The "perp" flung the dog into the street and as a result fell into the street himself. "Schultz" was run over and killed right in front of Officer Pickard, the Police Officer with whom the dog worked. One can only imagine the horror experienced by both dog and cop.
The "perp", Skyler Robinson was apprehended and charged.
What a tragedy for the valiant Police officer and his Family, and a tremendous loss to the K-9 department of the town. The scumbag Robinson....not sure I personally could have kept my gun holstered and unused if I was Officer Pickard, Schultz's Partner.

Photo courtesy of Phila. Daily News.


JMW said...

This makes me so the daughter and sister of police officers, I know how valued the K-9 unit is and how important and valuable these dogs are to the police officers and the community.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Blue Grass Girl-Yes..this story really burned me and made me sad.

Silk Regimental said...

What a scumbag! I love dogs..

I live in a very rural part of FL. Once in a while my collie will get out - (not very often), but the times she does, I'm panicked because the low-lifes in these parts will use a wandering dog as target practice as it's legal to carry a gun in your car/truck here. I'm all for sportsmen and sportsman-like demeanor - but stupid is stupid.

Main Line Sportsman said...

As Ron White can't fix stupid. Any Fla. Swamp runnin' redneck that would shoot a dog randomly is a miscreant and deserves to dragged behind their own truck...
Collies are beautiful dogs...keep her/him close!