Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good Point

Working in Center City Philadelphia, I spend a fair amount of time walking the sidewalks to and from Court or the parking garage. Frequently, one is behind various urban youth who deem it cool to have pants riding below the ass...exposing the underpants. This phenomena has been discussed ad nauseum and we know the genesis of this sartorial abomination: Prison.


JMW said...

That's great. :)

Reggie Darling said...

The other day I saw a youth walking down the street whose jeans were purposely riding below his almost entirely exposed underpants. The fellow was having difficulty walking, since the crotch of his jeans was only a hair above his knees, and he had to hold on to said jeans with his hands while walking, so they didn't fall to the ground at every step. I 'bout busted a gut laughing, he looked like such an idiot! And, to my mind, said equippage confirmed that he was (is), in fact, one. Reggie

RulingPart said...

It's one thing to be born to an underclass. It's another thing entirely to embrace an underclass.

I've been around some tough people in my line of work and for me the idea seems to be that if they can't move up, they may as well assert their current degenerate culture as superior.

"I been to jail four times. How much time you done?"

"None. I've made good choices so far."

"I grew up hard."

"Didn't do much for your personality, did it?"

The REALLY inspiring people are those who abandon all notions of class and make the most out of themselves in spite of it all.

Anonymous said...

MLS, truly Philadelphia has some shockingly bad dressers, but I also encounter some extraordinarily well dressed folks in town. Social primer bow ties and Paul Stuart (at a minimum)tailored clothes.

Thanks Ruling Part for your words, I have no money - and I wear old but clean traditional clothing. Every once in a while my "look" becomes fashionable. I may not look good, but at least I don't look like Fred Durst.

Anonymous said...

I was told, and whether or not this is true, I would still like to believe it, that the meaning of walking around with pants below one's waist showing off one's boxers or whatever was originally how those in prison, shall we say, advertised their services.

Tell that to any of the kids - I call them kids because their mental age can't be anything more - and they'd soon have their pants on their waist. Unless of course they were advertising.

Ulrich von Boffke said...

Love the photo and the sentiment behind it. As far as "urban" youth and 20-somethings are concerned, the mother of an a well known African-American personality supposedly once said to her son something like, "Just because you might have been born poor doesn't mean you have to look or act like it." God, what happened?

Best Regards,

Ulrich von B.