Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Brace of Hunting Dogs

On the left is Archie. He is named after "Archie Goodwin" from the Nero Wolfe books written by Rex Stout. He has been featured before. He is an excellent upland game dog....just kicks ass on pheasants,grouse,woodcock etc. He loves the goose pit and dragging downed honkers 40 or 50 yards over corn stubble or soybeans to my waiting grasp. Arch is 10 now and slowing down in the field...but still a loveable energetic knucklehead around the house. He won't let me out of his sight.
On the right we have the new addition: Genna. She is one year old, sweet as can be and just mad for retrieving.She is very eager and obedient. We are working on duck dummies and bumpers. In a few weeks we will move training down to the Farm for retrieves out of the duck blind and to get her used to riding in the boat.She should be locked and loaded for Waterfowl Season in October.
It warms the heart when you walk through the door after work and are greeted by these two faces.


James said...

A great photo! I have always thought a gundog's love is stronger than any other dog's because we give them the lifestyle they were born to. Archie Goodwin is a favorite of mine as well. Timothy Hutton nailed him in the A&E series, didn't he?

Sandra said...

Hey! I am not blogging anymore, but still reading my favorites. Just wanted to say congrats on Lehigh's big Victory over Duke tonight. I thought of you while watching the game tonight and just had to drop by with a "way to go". Hope all is well with you! xoxo {Preppy 101}

JMW said...