Friday, December 9, 2011

Lehigh Football

Lehigh beat Towson in a barn-burner of a game,40-38. The game was basically decided on a safety when Lehigh sacked the Tiger QB in the end zone.
Tomorrow Lehigh plays North Dakota in Fargo...and will be without All American receiver Spadola. Seems Spadola was "Tweeting" with a high school buddy and a racial slur was made by the other guy in reference to the Towson team....when Spadola forwarded the Tweet to another person the NCAA deemed that he made the words his own and suspended him from the game. Certainly there is no place for for such inappropriate language in correspondence from a Lehigh athlete....or anyone for that matter. Yet it seems a harsh penalty when the player did not use or endorse the language....and particularly when compared to some of the behavior that the NCAA does not sanction from other teams and players.
Nevertheless, I will shell out the dough for ESPN pay per view to watch my Alma Mater play in this late round of the I-AA/FCS playoffs.


Reggie Darling said...

Your swaggering support for your Alma Mater is impressive and makes me feel ungrateful and churlih regarding for the Boys in Blue at my own college. When asked to join a friend a this year's Yale/Harvard Game I respectifully declined, as it was too much of a bother to go. Shame on me! I salute you,sir!

Main Line Sportsman said...

Reggie, Thanks for the comment/compliment. Lehigh often plays Yale....we should meet up for tailgating the next time they take to the field.
As an aside, have you seen "Harvard beats Yale 29-29?"
It is a wonderful documentary and you will really enjoy it...

Trey said...

sorry you guys couldn't pull it out. We were pulling for you! Would rather have hosted you guys instead of heading to Fargo!