Friday, December 30, 2011

Gutes Neu Jahre

The Eve of the Eve....after I break camp here in the Quaker City I will grab my son and head to Kent County for a goose hunt tomorrow morning. Carl from Ohio is coming in so there will be poker and pool,and a few nips of Bourbon tonite. Likely, my son will again clean my clock at poker...14 years old and he has good card skills!
Tomorrow night will find the wife and I in Society Hill for a Black-Tie New Year's Eve party at a gorgeous restored Colonial era townhouse owned by my buddy Gain and his wife...Elegant party and we watch the fireworks at Penn's Landing at Midnight from his roof-deck.I have posted about Gavin before...a fine host!
Then the Mummer's parade on Sunday with all the kids and some friends....cold beers,Bloodys, a flask of Brandy and seats in front of the Union League to watch the String Bands. Then it is home for the traditional German New Year's Day dinner of sauerkraut,potatos and various wursts.
My boy Calvin(above) states an interesting case...what are your resolutions and plans for the Eve?


Marsha said...

Resolutions? None other than to try to remember at all times that no matter how irritated and annoyed and troubled I might feel, there's someone out there who would love to be living my life.

As for plans, we're sticking to our Chesco HQ with some good friends and a few bottles of something sparkly. Sunday afternoon brings kielbasa and kraut and as much touch football as we can get in before dark.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to pray for divine intervention in November 2012.

Kionon said...

A pseudo high school reunion tonight. Doubtful it will be black tie, but I am planning to wear gray slacks, a black sport coat, a white pointed collar shirt, and a pink bow tie.

As for resolutions? I have none, other than to do my very best to finish my MA on time and get back making a living instead of spending tuition.