Friday, January 20, 2012


Back in 2010 during the Winter Olympics I posted about Lindsay Vonn: Gorgeous and a beast on the downhill run. She is still winning World Cup Races.
Today we have the sad news that Sarah Burke has died from the injuries she sustained on 1/10/2012 while training in Park City,Utah. Burke was talented as Hell...beautiful and successful in her field of competition...a dream girl on many levels. Now she is gone...her organs have been harvested and the World has lost something special.


JMW said...

Oh, no, I had no idea. How awful. Sending prayers to her family. The world of sports has lost another great one.

JKG said...

It was funny how this hit me. I love to ski (not sky), but I'm no real follower of the sport. But there was something about Burke that seemed righteous and honest.

Some people shine because they reflect the light from the cameras, and some people shine because they glow. Seemed like she was the latter.