Thursday, January 26, 2012

Art in Boxing

We attended the boxing matches in South Philly on Saturday. Sadly, my welterweigth had to scratch due a hand injury from sparring.Nevertheless,it was a great card and we saw some excellent bouts.
The lady shutterbug of Keyartphoto shared this photograph with me from her friend Chris Toney. This is a very artistic snap from the Rosado v. Sotto-Karas bout. Something about this photo really captures the energy and struggle of the fight.


George B said...

I was born in, and grew up in, South Philly.
I struggled my way out of the corner hanging, poor kid. with holes in his shoes to something much better.
However, if you wanted to see fights, then you could have had your pick (no charge) at any of the bars in my area.
My daughter now lives in your general area. She is in Valley Forge Mountain.
Her husband is a Lehigh graduate
Your blog is very interesting to us.

Main Line Sportsman said...

George..Thanks for stopping by...I still know a lot of S. Philly guys...Jimmy Cerrone is a favorite.
When did son in law graduate from Lehigh?
Glad you enjoy my ramblings...

George B said...

He graduated in '96, and was President of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity.
I do enjoy hearing about Philly and the Main Line.
My best friend of years ago (now gone) lived in Gladwynne.