Monday, January 30, 2012

Ithaca For Your 15th.

Saturday was my son's 15th birthday.On Friday evening we went out for dinner and enjoyed dry aged prime bone-in Ribeyes at Fleming's in Radnor then proceeded to the Waterfowl Club for the last day of the Duck/Goose season. When we awoke early Saturday morning, it was warm and there was no cloud cover so we did not anticipate any action in the blinds...and we got none....a pretty weak season overall.
The action came when I presented this birthday present to my son:

Ithaca SKB 200E 12 Ga S X S, 28" barrel, chokes are full & mod, raised rib, nice scrolling on orignal coin finish, single selective trigger, auto safety, orignal recoil pad, 14" LOP, stocks are very nice, excellent condition.

After we put away the decoys and took off our waders,I went to the truck and pulled out an Orvis "leg-o-mutton" break down case, handed it to the boy and said "Happy Birthday." When he opened the case and I showed him how to put this fine double barrel side by side shotgun together, his face nearly cracked in half from the giant smile. He mounted the gun a few times to get the feel against his shoulder and cheek and said something to the effect of "this is awesome."
We then went behind the decoy shed where we placed a clay pigeon launcher on the back of one of our ATVs. He proceeded to go 4 for 5 on his first set and it was obvious the gun was a decent fit and he could handle it well. We shot about half a box of clays then cleaned her up and put her away. The kid is thrilled! This Saturday he is coming with me to a Tower he will get a chance to try out his new gun in some real wingshooting.
He had previously been shooting a youth model Browning Gold semi-auto. I told him since he was 15 it was time for him to have a gentleman's gun...a double gun...a 12 ga. so he can really reach out for the birds.I suspect it was a good birthday for the lad....


M.Lane said...

That is a superb gift. He must be a really fine young man.

I shoot poorly but with enthusiasm.

Well done, Dad.


Reggie Darling said...

I'm not a gunsman, but I come from a long line of them. This gun makes me, well, a bit FLUSHED, if you get my drift. Jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and fills me with wanton lust for it. Beautiful.

Bear said...

An excellent gift, for sure. The best part about a gift like that is he will undoubtedly pass that on to your great-grandkids one day...

I have never been able to hit the broad side of a barn with a SxS, but I've always wanted to get a pretty over/under just to say I had one.

Ithaca makes a good gun, too. I've always had my eye on the Model 37 in a 16-gauge, but haven't pulled the trigger on one yet (pun intended).

brohammas said...

Good birthday for him? That would have been a great gift for anyone.

The Gang said...

An amazing gun, and an even better gift.

JMW said...

Happy birthday to your son! Wow, that is a very nice gift. I'm sure he is beyond thrilled with it. :)

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Ahh to be 15!! What a special gift!

George B. said...

What a great Dad.
I gave my son firearms for his birthdays, but they reflected my preference for offensive/defensive weapons. This is based, I believe,on my tour in the Marine Corps.
They always provoked a wide smile that thrilled my heart as a father.
Your choice is much more of what is wholesome about being young.
It is nicer.
If only the world allowed being nice.

Eastern Shore Outdoors said...

That is a terrific post of a splendid day spent with your son. Tough to say who received the gift, as you each have a hunting partner for life....Phil

RulingPart said...

My Dad got me an 1187 when I was twelve. Love that gun. Still have it. Getting the gun is one of my fondest memories, and it all comes back every time I shoot it.

Nice gift.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Epic-Keep practicing
Reggie-I feel the same way about some of the splendid stuff decorating Darlinton
Bear-16 Ga. is a great gun...but for some reason out of favor...even hard to find goog selection of ammo. Shooting a SXS does take some getting used to...and go get an O/U...gotta have at least one
George-No reason a nice double gun cannot be used for defense!
Ruling P-I hope my son says the same thing when he shoots it years from now..

George B said...

To Main Line Sportsman:
I have not been able to find an appropriate holster for any kind of legal double gun.
My 1911 45 does the job.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Good point....but that is what long duster coats are for,No?

George B said...

You have an evil turn of mind to suggest carrying a shotgun.
I like it.
My 1911 served me well. It is, I believe, the best close combat weapon available, carried concealed, if you can handle it,
The shotgun is the best for home defense, if you don't care what happens to your walls afterward.
This exchange is going in the wrong direction than your original post, which was wholesome.
My fault.