Friday, January 20, 2012


For that classic and old-school, just-left-the-barbershop scent...check out these products. Bowman has them all....Clubman after-shave...Bay Rum...surgical grade styptic pencils...talc as fine and pink as Bermuda sand(the pink is great for dabbing under the collar when wearing a tie....keeps the neck from getting beat up on sweaty Summer days...and blends in...not visible like white talc...but they have both....shave talc and regular. The Osage rub is an ethereal experience. After showering and shaving. ..douse on scalp and face...the eucalyptol and menthol combine for a freight train rush of cool refreshing bracer. The Clubman shampoo is great...and to keep the fragrance consistent they have a non-aerosol deoderant as well.They have mustache wax and quinine hair tonic...these are the products on the counter at your Grandfather's favorite barbershop..the one with deer heads on the wall and Playboy on the table and where they talked about Willie Mays or Stan Musial or even Ty Cobb...Jack Dempsey and the Army/Navy game...coffe always hot and scissors and clippers always sharp as the jokes and ribbing between the Barbers. By the way....this stuff ain't expensive at all...very reasonable.


M.Lane said...

What a great post! I have tried a few Pinaud products and liked them a lot. Now I know where to get them all!


Anonymous said...

ohhh you're breaking my heart!

my daddy, always the same scent year after year, from the time I was a tiny little girl right up to his death, he always called the brand "ed pinaud"

his choice was 'ed pinaud lilac vegetal'



Rittenhouse Custom Clothiers said...

I use these products, but now have a new source to buy them! Love the classic (Pinaud) Clubman after shave, Shampoo, talc, and hair spray. Thanks for the great information!!