Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Team Butler

Only 2 more weeks until my fighter takes to the ring again. You may recall from earlier post that he had a set-back when hit by a car before his scheduled Feb. 26th fight.
He has rehabbed his injuries and is sparring again and looking tough. He fights a 6 round bout against Norman Allen on April 30th at The Arena in South Philadelphia. As his manager I am very pleased with his progress and excited to have him back on track and back in the ring.


brohamas said...

Great pics at the Blue.
Where does your boxer train?

This may be a tall claim but I say the coolest, most "atmospheric" gym in all the world is the Front St. Boxing Club on Frankford and Clearfiled.

You can see, feel, taste, pure Philadelphia boxing.

Good luck.

Beth Dunn said...

Best of luck to your guy!