Friday, April 23, 2010


Back in October 2008 I finally found the pick-up truck I was looking for. Pictured above is my 2006 Ford F-150. Admittedly,not a rare vehicle. However, the package that I was looking for was hard to find. Specifically I was looking for a stripped down model. It had to have real 4 wheel drive,AC and essentially nothing carpeting, no fancy bells and whistles. According to the salesman, most of the models that are so equipped end up in the Midwest as farm trucks and are thus hard to find in the Northeast. This was to be my rig for hunting,camping,tailgating,hauling and other similar activities. The rubber floors make it easy to clean when you have hauled your hunting buddies and the muddy dogs back from the duck blinds or the goose pits. The real 4X4...(NOT some emasculated "all wheel drive") is perfectly suited to pulling a duck boat up an icy, muddy boat ramp and crossing muddy fields and snowy trails.
One of my favorite incidents was when a fellow duck club member got his Chevy Blazer stuck axles deep in mud in one of our fields after a goose hunt. The F-150 and a tow rope made short work of that problem...pulled the lesser vehicle free with no problem.
As a friend once said: "Once you have a pick-up you wonder how you ever lived without one." Indeed, it is as utilitarian as it gets...and I loan the beast out to friends frequently for moves and trips to the dump and general hauling.
The payload holds a full spread of goose full body decoys or several hunters and their has a back seat for the kids, or for guns and gear,or for the dogs.
I scored a set of custom camo seat covers on Ebay that were year and model specific. This keeps the seats from taking too much mud and abuse.
My 16 year old daughter drives it during the week when I am not using it and the kids at her high school...the one's driving BMWs and Acuras..are envious.
It is great for tailgating at Steeplechase races and Football games.Every Sportsman should have one.


Laguna Beach Trad said...

Truly beautiful. I bet you could fit a few kegs, guns, rods, waders, and hounds back there.

Liberty and In Dependence said...

I just sold my Chevy truck and instantly lost half of my "friends" who call to use it.

Brian said...

back in the day when I was a used car manager anytime i saw a truck like that up at the auction i was always ready to pay top dollar for it. Take good care of it I predict they will be harder to find in the future.

Rittenhouse Custom said...

Looks great!! Will we see it at the Radnor Hunt in a couple of weeks????