Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sportsman's Steeplechase Weekend Picks

This coming weekend offers some great Steeplechase events. I will endeavor to provide some picks for those of you attending the races who care to place a wager.
First, the Virginia Gold Cup runs on Saturday in Plains, Virginia. While many of the 50,000 who attend this event have no idea that a horse race is taking place and are there only to drink, gawk at each others GTH pants,chat up the hot preppy D.C. wenches, and show off their uber prep Spring outfits, the serious Sportsman is there to enjoy the racing with his cocktails and tailgating. A serious Sportsman also likes to place a wager on a race.
So, allow me to suggest Erin Go Bragh as my pick to win the Gold Cup race. I saw this horse win the Pennasylvania Hunt Cup in November '09 and was impressed with his speed and stamina. His Trainer, Mr. Fout, has big chops in this game and has entered the race because he really feels the horse in ready for another big win.
I also like Bubble Economy, Seeyouattheevent and J. Alfred Prufrock. These are horses that I have seen race and could be good bets for their odds depending on what the Punters are doing that day and whether there are many scratches in the Field on race day.

The next day is the Winterthur Point to Point races. This is a much smaller event with correspondingly smaller purses so it draws less of the steeplechase elite horseflesh, jockeys and trainers...particularly because the big money was to be had down in Virginia the day before. You can check out our friend Brian's Blog at Delaware Blue Blazer for some fine photos and commentary on this event. My pick for the main race at The Point to Point is South Monarch. According to some trainers I know this entry is at a training peak and poised for a really good outing. A back- up pick for this race is Gather No Moss. Again, depending on the odds at race time and what other horses have scratched, Gather No Moss could be a better money maker.
Of course, the Kentucky Derby is on Saturday. I will not venture any prognostication on that race as it is fully covered in newspapers, websites and I will freely admit I suck at picking winners on Grade I Stakes races as they all look so good on paper. I am always looking for the better odds for exacta pairings.
Unfortunately, while I have been to the Winterthur event and the Gold Cup in the past, I will not be attending this year as my lacrosse team has games both Saturday and Sunday.
Author's pejorative tone was intended regarding drinking and chatting up hot D.C. wenches...I am for it!


DAM said...

While it would be a flat out lie to say that I'm not stoked about my spring kit for tomorrow or oogling the ladies and drinking the day away, under your advisement I'll be running a small pool and hopefully see Erin Go Braugh pull ahead.

Pemberley said...

I miss the festivities and general drunk debauchery of Gold Cup. Now that we are settled happily on the Main Line we will be at Radnor Hunt a few weekends from now. Since I am all grown up now and will have little ones in tow I may actually see some horse racing!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Yay for Erin Go Bragh! Have a great weekend! xx

Pemberley said...

Thanks for the invite to your tailgate spot! We just bought a Homestretch Rail Spot as well, but have not received our pass. When I get it I will let you know where we are.

Bumby Scott said...

Wickedly great photos

Always Bumby

Main Line Sportsman said...

Well, my second pick Bubble Economy did win the big race at Va. Gold Cup and Erin Go Bragh was challenging but ended up 4th.

fancy pants. said...

so hot and humid at the races. but better than the rain last year. fab blog. hope you had a great weekend!

Kathie Truitt said...

As a Virginian I must correct you. It's not 'Plains, Virginia', but rather 'The Plains.' And we'd love to have you visit any time!