Friday, April 9, 2010

One of Three

One of the distinct pleasures of being a parent is watching your children grow and develop their own particular tastes,skills and passions. My my middle daughter has become fanatical about all things equestrian. She spent her Summer of '09 at a riding camp in Virginia and literally cried when we went to pick her up.The camp had 30 girls and 40 horses and was located on a 750 acre farm in prime Virginia Horse country. It really was a special place and fostered incredible experiences for the girls.
This past week she went to Colorado during her Spring break to visit her riding camp friend. The friend lives on a Farm that provides riding therapy to special needs kids. She worked and rode and had a fantastic time.
At home, she works at one Barn on Saturdays in exchange for her lessons and earns extra money caring for 2 horses at a Barn up the road from our house. She also babysits. Despite all this, she does very well in school and manages a bustling social life.
This kid really is a delight....she even likes to shoot clay pigeons with me...a Sportswoman in the making!


Julie DeBrandt Hunter said...

Love it. Riding is almost a calling, I think. I admire her hard work to make that kind of commitment to her passion with all the distractions of adolescence. Good for her.

Karena said...

How great your daughter is fantastic. I have always loved riding and really admire this kind of endeavor, she is determined!

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