Monday, April 5, 2010


Is there anything hotter than a pretty woman sporting a pair of Ray Ban Aviators? I think not. Today was very sunny here in Philadelphia and I was wearing my Aviators....having blue eyes makes me very sensitive to sun and I easily get a headache from all the squinting when outdoors on a bright day. Donning a pair of Aviators on bright day is like a cool bath for your eyes...the UV protection does not suck either. I frequently tell people not to skimp on price when buying sunglasses. Few people realize that wearing cheap sunglasses with specious UV ratings is actually worse than no shades at all..why?...because the colored lens opens your pupil wider which consequently lets more harmful rays into your eye. Honestly, I was not thinking all of that when I spotted a gorgeous blond college girl wearing Aviators in Rittenhouse Square...but it is true nonetheless. Ray Ban classic as it gets and top of the game for protection and comfort.


Liberty and In Dependence said...

I recently learned the lesson that a good pair of quality sunglasses beats cheapies hands down. I just picked up a pair of aviators on Easter! Nice post.

Beth Dunn said...

I've been meaning to get a pair. Haven't worn them since '90s but I want them. They are hot!

brohammas said...

Hey, I was in Rittenhouse today NOT wearing aviators. I should have been but an unfortunate side affect of growing up in my generation is that whenever I wear aviators I have the song "Highway to the Danger Zone" playing over and over in my head. Young women wearing them only channges the song to "Take my Breath Away."

Main Line Sportsman said...

Good movie...hideous soundtrack.If my Aviators had that unfortunate inter-cranial side-effect...I may only wear my Vuarnet's.
This week's weather has been ideal for spending some time in the Square.
Thanks for stopping by.

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Beautiful. I really, really want a pair.

As for sunglasses, I wear Persol.