Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adirondack Summer

I skipped out of the office early today to watch my son's Middle School Lacrosse team play a home game. While sitting in ever-present city traffic I began to calculate just how long it will be until I am back in the Adirondacks enjoying the Summer with my Wife and my Kids. It will be approximately 114 days until we are sitting on the Boat-House deck on Upper Saranac lake enjoying the view. It seems like a long time but these days time is ripping by....What are the highlights of your Summer plans?


JMW said...

What a lovely setting. I've always wanted to head to that neck of the woods. My family and I are spending some time at Kure Beach in North Carolina in June and then will head to the mountains of Blowing Rock, also in N.C. later in the summer. I'm with you - so ready for vacation to arrive.

Beth Dunn said...


Hey! How'd you know I don't want to take pharm meds cause of Alcohol????? LOL that is only one reason. Thx for your support