Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Maker's Mark Marketing

In addition to my penchant for Rum, I also greatly enjoy a good Bourbon. A stiff dram of fine Bourbon is essential after a long afternoon in a cold duck blind or goose pit. A well made Manhattan is a great cocktail before dining. I also have been known to bang back shots of Bourbon at my favorite local dive bar.
One of my Lehigh buddies sent this link that reports on an interesting marketing program undertaken by the distillers of maker's Mark. Pound for pound Maker's is a wonderful Bourbon Whiskey which is readily available and reasonably priced. As you can guess...I will be on their website about 2 seconds after I finish this post looking to throw in as on of their "Ambassadors."

Hope you can open the link as it is an interesting read. You may have to paste into your browser.That is if you are so inclined. Perhaps Bourbon Dork, a fellow Blogger who has a geat spot discussing America's only original and indigenous spirit, will beat me to it. Cheers.


JMW said...

The ad agency that supports Maker's Mark is just down the street from my office (f course, Makers Mark chairman Bill Samuels is very involved with the marketing/ad campaigns). And, since it's a local product, we are big-time supporters here. :)Although, have you ever tried another great Kentucky bourbon, Pappy Van Winkle? My hubby and his friends love it. The 15-year, as well as the 20, are quite good.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Have had the 15 yr old...not easy to get here in Penna. unfortunately.
Derby is right around the guys must be getting excited!