Friday, October 19, 2012

Virginia Races

Tomorrow will find many of the top Steeplechase horses,jockeys and trainers in Virginia for the International Gold Cup Races. This is a picture of my wife and me with our box seat tailgate at this race meet 4 years ago.
I will follow the results closely because the Pennsylvania Hunt Cup races are on November 4th and some of the horse who succeed tomorrow will be coming North.


JMW said...

Great photo of the two of you! Enjoy the races - I'm sure it'll be a great time!

Anonymous said...

Great event and picture of "my wife and me" not "my wife and I"

Anonymous said...

Do you recall I touted you on Grinding Speed at Malvern?

He'll win one of the big Maryland races some spring. And THE big one is not out of the question.

I used to own him in a partnership. Unfortunately had an idiot for a trainer/managing partner who refused to believe what we had and run him long on the grass. Wound up giving GS away because the managing partner said the horse has no heart. HA HA

Main Line Sportsman said...

Anon-Yes I do recall...and noted the good showing with a second place finish at Shawan Down...which I wanted to attend but my son's lacrosse tourney interfered. Then this great result yesterday with a HUGE win...the stock just went way up on that entry.