Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fellows for Fellow Blogsmiths

"Nice to see you again YWP, grab your hat, we need to meet Brohamma at that little Italian joint in South Philly."

One of the ancillary benefits of this Blogging gig is the chance to meet some very interesting and engaging people. On Labor day weekend my wife and I dined al fresco with The Trad and his Golf Foxtrot. My meeting with Maxminimus has been recounted in prior posts and was somewhat legendary. The photo nut and rugby afficiando from Brohammas has been to the fights with me. The Epic and I keep trying to meet but have not connected.

In 2 weeks the gent(YWP) who writes Boxing the Compass will be in town. We guzzled cocktails and beer together a while back on a humid evening here in the Quaker City...he is from Purtian Boston so we both pissed  the tenets of our civic forefathers that night.

YWP makes a triumphant return to Philadelphia . We are planning on dining at a great little old school Italian  restaurant in South Philadelphia, and we will be joined by Brohama.Stay tuned.


Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

Can't wait, Sportsman!

Anonymous said...

Billy Penn would be proud. Table for three at Ralph's per chance.