Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Friday Night Fights

"Heavyweight Joe Cusumano of Virginia Beach, but now fighting out of PA, man-handled Philly's Zeferino Albino in their four-rounder. Cusumano, 18 pounds heavier, won the first two rounds, but Albino often swung for the fences, trying to test the Virginian's chin. However in round three, it was Albino's chin that would be checked. Cusumano used his booming right hand to drop Albino twice in the round. Both times the Shuler Gym fighter got up and continued, but he would have no chance of earning a decision. But after the knockdowns, Albino was less willing to go for the knockout, and easily ceded the final round. The two did rumble after the final bell, but the result was obvious."

This is the commentary provided by John DiSanto of Phillyboxinghistory.com regarding my Heavyweight's fight last Friday.


M.Lane said...

Congratulations! Sounds like he did his work and took a step forward. I hope to see him fight some time up in Philly.


Anonymous said...

If I'd have known you were going to use the picture I took for your blog, I would have tried to send you one that was less blurred. Good time at the fights, and thanks for the invitation.