Friday, October 5, 2012

Menswear Post

Settle down all you clothes obsessed bloggers. This is not verbiage about Flusser or J. Press or even Woolrich. This is a heads up to Waterfowlers. When hunting season is always prudent to get your gear out and check it for wear and tear. There is nothing that will ruin a hunt faster than finding out the hard way that your waders leak.
Picture this: It is 5 A.M. and you make your way to the marsh. You load your decoys in the boat and prepare to launch. As you wade out into the water to climb aboard, you are knee deep in frigid water. Suddenly, your right foot feels quite damp and cold. Crap! You have a leak in the boot of your wader. You are now going to be miserable all morning. Your wet, cold foot may even screw up your shooting...or at least you can use the excuse for missing a slow in-coming locked up mallard at fisrt light.

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RulingPart said...

Ha! If only it were sharkskin plaid and the boots were neon green. Do those bracer straps come in pink?