Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Over the Summer, the coach of my son's high school lacrosse team resigned. The athletic director of the school has asked the Booster Club to create a committee of parent's to assist in interviewing new candidates. Each class will have a representative. My son is a Sophmore and I have been asked to take part in the interviews....which are tonite. I played lacrosse for this same high school years ago.One of the other consultants is a former superstar All American who I played with .He was a Senior when I was a Sophmore. He went on to set records at Johns Hopkins. I think his input will be invaluable.
 My son plays for this High School. The region is loaded with high school talent and the local schools are incredibly competitive. I have posted before about this area having 2 of the top 5 high school lacrosse teams in the nation...including No.'s 1 and 4. This atmosphere makes the selection seem even more important.
The kids in this program need a solid coach. They need discipline and they need to be motivated to want to play hard and win. Some of that was lacking under the prior coach. The stakes are thus fairly high for this process. I know one of the candidates personally and believe he would be an excellent choice. Tonite I have to see if either of the other 2 candidates would alter my opinion.

One thing I have to remember...and perhaps try and impress on the decision makers...is this: Just because you were a great player it does not mean you can be a good coach. I have learned this in lacroose. I have also learned this in professional boxing. Great boxers are not necessarily good teachers or coaches. A coach is much more than just someone who shows you how to play the game. I hope we can make the right choices tonite.

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Mike said...

Being able to teach someone is a lot harder then being good at something.