Thursday, October 25, 2012

Opening Day

    We had "early teal" season last month. Tomorrow the regular duck season opens in Delaware. I will be down at the Club early this afternoon. I will try and get in a little dog training before the crowd arrives.

   I will be preparing dinner for the members...a traditional eve of the opener repast. The menu is roasted Virginia ham, mac n cheese that I made from scratch last night, collared greens with porter and molasses and home made corn bread. Certainly there will be cocktails before dinner and Bourbon will be poured.

   After dinner I suspect there will be interest in the World Series on the big screen and I will shoot some pool with the Gunnery Sergeant while watching. We will draw for blinds and be ready for shooting 1/2 hour before sunrise. We also have to check the decoys, bag a few dozen for transport and make sure we have oars and life jackets lined up for each boat at each blind.

   The weather will be warm. The tide should be cooperative. Now, if only the birds will be as well.


James said...

Roll a greenhead for me!

The Gang said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend. Best of luck!