Friday, May 6, 2011

Sport of Kings and More Lacrosse

Yesterday's lacrosse events featured my Son's Middle school game. I was a spectator. This was followed by his Ashbee League game. I was a coach.
During the Middle school game he netted a sweet goal on a nice feed from his fellow attackman....cranking a blistering overhand shot into the back of the net. He also took a stupid which I predicted several seconds and several steps before he committed the offending act. I know how the kid plays by now. His coach reamed him for it...I discussed it with him later.
My good friend and fellow coach Steve snapped the picture of my kid posted above...he is the pursuing player in the green "Dragons" jersey.
After game one, we hustled to the car and drove to West Chester for game 2. During this game the kid executed a nice left handed drive and scored with a left-hand shot. For any who have played the know just how hard it is to train yourself to play with your off hand side. It is one thing to be is another to have the confidence to use the off-hand in a game scenario. Once again, I was a damn proud dad.
So now we are on to Derby weekend...with a pause for a desperate game 4 of the Flyers vs. Bruins tonite. Derby day will find me at a well presented annual Derby-party over in Radnor with some friends from the Horsey set, my lovely wife, a few wagers and a well crafted Mint-Julep in a frosty Pewter Julep cup. I openly wish I was going to the of those things I mean to do one of these days. Perhaps I can crash JMW's seats next year.Read her Derby writing here from a real Kentucky Bluegrass girl:

Sunday...Mother's day and all that that entails....Happy Mother's day to all you Mom's out there...Go Flyers.

P.S. For those interested parties...degenerate horse players...or just JMW: I like Archarcharch and will bet WPS on him. I also will be on Calvin Borel on a 10-1 shot and probably wheel Mike Smith's mount into an exacta or Trifecta as well. Good luck to all players.

P.S.S. Kid scored 2 more goals today...he is on a tear...and the Flyers crapped out and looked bad doing it...Go Phillies...oh yeah..they lost too.


Preppy 101 said...

Nothing more exciting than watching our children play sports - well really watching them do anything, right?! How do you feel about the coach's "reaming" of your son? xoxo

Main Line Sportsman said...

Oh..he deserved the Coaches stern reproach and it was appropriate in tone and time...stupid penalty and the kid knows better.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was also lacrosse and horses for me, and it was exhausting and fun! I also went for ArchArchArch. It was great to see Jon Court in the Derby.

JMW said...

Main Line, just had a chance to catch up on my blog reading - thanks for the shout-out. And, my friend, we would love to host you and your lovely wife sometime at the Derby. If we can score a great box again, I shall let you know. :)