Friday, May 13, 2011

Major League Costumes

When I was a kid going to Phillie's baseball games with my old man in the early '70s, the crowd was not dressed up in Jerseys and team T-shirts as a rule. Perhaps a hat here or there or a team warm-up jacket on the random fan. It was not as it is today, an endless row after row of men, women and children in "authentic" team jerseys and team T-shirts. For the most part, the "back then" fans were dressed in normal street clothes. One would see plenty of suits from the business men and attorneys who came to the ballpark right from the office. Most fans were just in everyday clothes...not always stylish but not expensive team colors either.
In today's ballpark, nearly everyone is in their team get-up. This is a stark contrast to the 40's thru 50's when the crowd at a ballpark was in a suit and shown in the photo of Municipal stadium above.
I am simply at a loss as to why a middle aged man feels the need to wear a $199.00 "Official" team jersey to a ballgame. Is it a vestige of tribal urges to belong to the group? Is it not enough to be at the game cheering for your hometown 9 in order to display your allegiance. Do we need the fat Red Sox chick showing her nasty team tat above her crack? What about her Yankee counterpart "Fat-Boy." What message are these fans sending?
My buddy Linc has a favorite rule when it come to fans wearing the team outfit to a game. It goes something like this: "If you are old enough to be licensed to operate a motor vehicle in your state, you are too old to wear a COSTUME to the game." After all, wearing your Phillies hat and Jersey or similar Sox or Yankees or Mets togs, really is tanamount to wearing a costume. It is something better left to grade schoolers. We discussed this rule with ADG from Maxminimus when he was visiting Philly and boozing with us and he heartily concurred and even offered a few corollaries.
As an exception exists to every rule, I offer the tantalizing Yankees fan above...she can root for my team or the hated Yanks or whomever she likes....and what a nice counter point to nasty Sox Tat-girl.

For this weekend's sporting pursuits I am proud to mention that my son is starting Varsity attack today against the big rival in I am out of the office early to watch the a suit by the way...


Sundresses and Smiles said...

That "tramp stamp" tattoo is horrible! Good luck to your son in his game!

Anonymous said...

The lower bowl a the Bank is filled with fat 50yo's who used to sit on the end of the bench in Little League hoping the manager wouldn't make them go to bat and take a walk. I've forgotten more baseball than they will ever know but that's where the money is these days.

Neil said...

To have another man's name written across my back is beyond me. I usually wear my dried blood gingham from Mercer and Sons to the Phils.

Toad said...

I had the occasion recently to ask a pro athlete how he felt encountering his jersey at the mall while taking his kids shopping. It wasn't pleasant.