Monday, May 23, 2011

Philly Boxing History

On Saturday evening at a venue in Canada, a 46 year old Philadelphian named Bernard Hopkins stepped into the ring seeking to make history. 12 Rounds later, this favored son of Philly became the oldest boxer ever to win a major title...besting the previous record holder...George Foreman. Hopkins beat Jean Pascal by unanimous decision and out-boxed the younger man throughout the match.
This athlete can be an inspiration to those of us over 40.


Brohammas said...

Great fighter.

Reppin' Germantown!
I trained one day at the Germantown Rec center. I knocked a heavy back off its chains and I never went back.

GSV JR said...

Damn. Who the hell is this guy? Lookin pretty ripped for late 40s. And that look on his face, I've seen that a few times before, and what followed was not good.