Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Devon Horse Show

The following is from the website of the Devon Horse Show:
In 1896, the Devon Horse Show started as a one-day show. Now, years later, it has become the oldest and largest outdoor multi-breed competition in the United States. It is internationally recognized, USEF-A rated, and one of the most exciting events to happen in our area. While it draws top competitors from around the world, the show continues to reflect the local traditions and lifestyles of the Philadelphia Main Line.

In 2010 Devon has become just the fourth American horse show to be honored with the designation as a USEF Heritage Competition. This award is reserved for those competitions that have been in existence for more than a quarter century, promoted and grown the equestrian sport, and made a contribution to the community outside the gates of the horse show by achieving, maintaining and promoting the equestrian ideals of sportsmanship and competition.

Devon was also recognized for the second consecutive year by the National Show Hunter Hall of Fame as the Horse Show of the Year. Devon has captured this national title over fifty percent of the time it has been awarded.

The Show starts this Thursday and goes day and night until Saturday,June 4th. I posted about the tone and traditions of this classic Main Line event last year. Once again my family is excited to attend several day and evenings sessions to watch Hunter-Jumper competitions and the premier event:The $100,000.00 Gran Prix of Devon.
In between there will be 5 gaited horses, carriage driving, the Bud Clydesdales and every form of competition equitation one can imagine. There will be cocktails in the box seats and the kids winning junk at the Midway games,Labs and Lacoste and Lily clad vixens,Preppy Main Line denizens and hard core Barn rats from Kentucky and everything in between.


Brohammas said...

A fine event I am sure.

I notice Admiral Cod is on your blogroll, and you on his.

Might you take the time to visit my site's most recen post and pay particular attention to my idea in the comment section?

JPK I I I said...

Ah,Devon... This is one of the things I truly miss about living on the Main Line. I grew up within a mile of the fairgrounds and fondly remember falling asleep listening to the loudspeaker announcements in the distance through my open screen window on the first warm nights of summertime. My dad was a buyer for John Wanamaker's and used to present an award for one of the events in the Wanamaker oval. I used to ride my bike over and hang out at the midway all day and into the night. Great memories!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Sounds like so much fun!!

Main Line Sportsman said...


JPK-DO yourself a favor and pedal back up here for the show. Your image of a kid in bed hearing the PA announcments is great..

Sundress Girl, You would LOVE it...

Ryan said...

I live a half a block from the horseshow, so maybe I'll see you there