Monday, May 2, 2011

Chris Pronger - Mean, Nasty & Tough (HD)

Turning from Bin Laden and back to sporting issues, our Flyers looked like crap on Saturday and ruined the afternoon of many in the Delaware Valley.
We hope for a better result tonite against Boston and the player featured in this video can certainly play a big role. Pronger is one of those guys you hate as an opponent but love when he is on your team. I personally have always enjoyed his handling of the media.


Ryan said...

My buddies and I got to skate at the Well's Fargo Center last night. Let's hope they take 2 in Boston, and bring it back to home ice. Boston dropped the first two of their last series, and won, so it's still not over. Let's go Flyers!

Pillar Of Autumn said...

Pronger was a total jerk after first getting drafted by the Hartford Whalers.....I've never forgiven him for that.