Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend-Vintage Indy 500

For any of the small cadre of deeply bored readers who perused my gibberish last year around this time, you may recall a post on the Indianapolis 500. I attended the race with my College buddies from 1989 thru 1996. We had some serious fun and saw some serious racing and drank some serious amounts of beer.
This Sunday is race day. Known as "The Greatest Spectacle In Racing," this 500 mile race is a true test of both human and mechanical endurance. The drivers must survuve 200 laps around the 'Brickyard" and get to the end with a functioning race car and enough gas to finish. I'll admit that the race loses a lot of excitment and allure in the Television rendering, but for true fans, it will have to suffice.
This year is the 100th running of the race and in homage I present some vintage pictures of racers and racing from the past. From the singing of "Back home again in Indiana" to the checkered flag, this is an All-American event which all Sportsman should experience in person at least once.

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Alex Newman said...

Its great to see the history of racing like this thanks nice work. Race fan forever, my father wasa driver took us to many races I'll never forget those days. It mid seventies names like Bobby Alison and Richard Petty and Daryl Waltrip and Rick Mears too. Its good to see this it makes us proud to be Americans and we should be proud of our history of the Automobile and racing. Never be ashamed of our glorious history of oil and gasoline and internal combustion engines blowing smoke and fire and tearing up the road. One more thing CAFE standards suck! Small cars suck too, we should build them all big like we used to and faster too.