Monday, June 14, 2010

More Lacrosse

The BOLT Tournament last weekend did not go too well. Our team was placed in a bracket that was above our level....both in age and skill. Because of the reputation of the Club we play for...(very good players)...this sometimes happens. As a result, we went 0-3 and the kids were smoked in the last game 11-2. These lopsided defeats can be very demoralizing for the players and as Coaches we had a difficult time keeping things in perspective and helping the kids focus on fun and refining their lacrosse skills.
In addition, it was oppressively hot and humid. On balance, our kids battled the best team at the Tourney in our second game of the day and lost 4-3 in a close contest. We reinforced to our kids that in Lacrosse (as in life) hard work can sometimes defeat talent.
We have a 2 day tournament in Annapolis,Maryland this coming weekend. We hope to have a more positive experience during these games. On Saturday,all of our teams will get together for a Crab and Barbecue dinner at a park along the Chesapeake...and that should be fun for the kids and the Coaches.


James said...

Great thing about youth sports, teaches many life lessons. Hope this weekend goes well for your crew.Enjoy the cook out.

Keith said...

I wish you all the best this upcoming weekend. Sports many times teach us lessons about life. Good luck.