Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where Champions Meet


The Devon Horse Show-Where Champions Meet. The most prestigious and biggest Horse Show in the Country. Tomorrow night is the $100,000.00 Gran Prix,which is the pinnacle of show jumping competition. The Devon Fairgrounds will be mobbed with every Uber-Prep, Barn rat, and Horse junkie from far and near. The Box seats will feature genteel picnics and cocktails and the bars under both grandstands will teem with Main Line gentry and WASP wenches...both old and young. Miles of Lily fabrics sufficient to delight Beth from S.C and Preppy Mafia as well as the lovely lady from Summer is a Verb and EAS from Baltimore; enough Seersucker,white bucks and khaki to satisfy ADG,Toad,Tin Tin and that crew.
As for this Sportsman, I will be escorting my 14 year old daughter. She is a Barn Rat,a Horse Junkie and a show jumper so she will be completely absorbed in the competition. For me,a few Rum & Tonics at my friend's Box and a few friendly wagers on who wins the Gran Hunting Dog Archie will be along for the evening as Devon maintains one of the last great Main Line traditions of dogs being allowed and encouraged!
It really is an exciting event...the athleticism and skill required of both horse and rider is amazing...they negotiate numerous jumps on a timed course....the jumps are high and the competition is daunting.
We'll be back with the whole family and some friends for the Gambler's Choice Jumping Competition on Friday night in a prime box in the main stands...more cocktails and wagering for the Adults while the kids run amok along the midway, founder on lemon sticks, burgers, cake and ice cream, and attempt to win every useless trinket and soon to be discarded stuffed monstrosity at the carnival games while sketchy Carny types egg them on. The Devon traditon is one of the great Main Line legacies.....The Devon Horse Show also raises quite a bit of money for Bryn Mawr Hospital every there is a philanthropic bent to the entirety of the festivities.
Now, if the Flyers can just win 2 in a row and even out this series.....


K.S. Anthony said...

Old joke from my old man:

"What do you tell a Bryn Mawr girl?"

"You can't tell a Bryn Mawr girl anything."


Best of luck to your daughter...have fun!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Great images...have a wonderful time at the horse show!

Beth Dunn said...

I hope to see you and your daughter! I'll be at a barn by the "coaches," whatever that means. Look for pink!

LPC said...

Have a great time. My sisters and brother all rode, showed, etc. My father had a Belgian and did non-show dressage until he hit 60. It's a great lifelong activity.

JMW said...

Sounds like fun! Drink an R&T for me. The World Equestrian Games will take place down the road from me this fall - can't wait! BTW, how old was your daughter when she started riding? My daughter often mentions wanting to try it (she's five), but I haven't pursued it yet. I'm afraid she'll then want a horse and on it goes!

Lucky Dog / The Commish said...

I'm late with this "well wish", having just read this great post Saturday morning. Hope you are having fun and that Daughter does well.

I'm sure we all look forward to a post-event report! It's fun living vicariously via the blogosphere.

WASP wenches...that's an interesting vision...

Best Regards,

Christina, Esq. said...

As an equestrian myself, I love the photos, the remind me of my showing days and the LI summer favorite- the Hampton Classic. Great times 9and great fashions)

Summer is a Verb said...

Honored at the mention and especially alongside Beth and Erin. I like to picture myself swathed in yards of Lilly too...XXOO